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The new target precedes the December climate negotiations in Paris.

Two men tell of being trafficked onto boats and held as slaves at sea.
The canopy of oil palm trees on a plantation in Aceh, Indonesia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

Officials are selling nascent CPO Fund on sustainability grounds, but experts fear it will do more harm than good.

Residents of Deaga on the island of Sulawesi hope sea creatures will flourish in the new conservation zone.

Domus Longus will be installed in the waters off Sulawesi to commemorate Coral Day there.

The government is also pushing to revise a 25-year-old conservation law.

A university lecturer hunted the endangered primates for his Christmas dinner and posted photos of the carcasses to Facebook.

The development of REDD+ in Indonesia as an experiment in bringing together carbon abatement, equity development and biodiversity protection is continuing ...

Indonesia has a unique conundrum. The country has the world’s highest diversity of sharks, but it also has the world’s largest ...

No more than 100 of the creatures still live in Indonesia's forests, with nine more in captivity.

Genting, IJN are also being divested from because of rainforest destruction in Indonesia.

Many Southeast Asians are wondering if they will have to withstand another blanket of haze from rainforest fires as Indonesia enters ...

Rizal Ramli replaces Indroyono Soesilo as part of a cabinet reshuffle.

Disappointed 'adat' leaders wonder whether President Jokowi has the muscle to make good on the pledge.

Two traders of beaks from the helmeted hornbill were arrested in Sumatra, Indonesia, on June 12. Authorities confiscated 12 beaks and ...
Natural forest and acacia plantation in Riau. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

In a notable shift away from business-as-usual in Indonesia's plantation sector, forestry giant Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) will undertake ...

In what conservationists are hailing as a major breakthrough in efforts to protect Sumatra's fast-dwindling lowland rainforests, the Indonesian government on ...

Conservationists posed as buyers to learn where they were being stored.

A transmigrant returns home with tidings of a lucrative tree crop, and the money begins to flow. Years later, villagers must ...

A subsidiary of Ganda Group, owned by Wilmar founder's little brother, presided over rainforest destruction for palm oil in Indonesia.
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