Pictures of Arthropods in Panama

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These " Pictures of Arthropods in Panama " were taken during my 2007 trip to Panama.

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Please note that this and other Panama pages will be undergoing many changes before early Feburary. I still need to indentify many of the species.

Black caterpillar with off-white stripes, yellow spines, and orange antenna

Crab at Culebra Point Marine Education Center

White moth

Orange butterfly

Mosiac butterfly (Colobura dirce) feeding on fruit

Butterflies mating

Butterflies mating

Blue butterfly

Newly hatched caterpillars

Newly hatched caterpillars

Orange butterfly

Butterflies mating

Heliconius butterfly feeding on a hot lips flower

Mosiac butterfly (Colobura dirce) feeding on fruit

Green caterpillar on a new red leaf

Black caterpillar with off-white stripes and yellow spines

Blue morpho (Morpho menelaus) caterpillar

Arachides toras caterpillar

Heliconius butterfly

Slightly translucent, green caterpillar on a red leaf in Panama

Arachides toras caterpillar

Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus, chrysalis at the Bocas Butterfly Garden

Pair of Heliconia caterpillar (note the tiny hatchling in the upper left)

Heliconius caterpillar

Moth chrysalis

Green Arachides toras caterpillar munching on a leaf

Yellow and black insect

Arachides toras caterpillar

Close up headshot of a green katydid in Panama

Red insect with black legs


Crab at Culebra Point Marine Education Center

Glowing raspberry-colored dragonfly

Bright green katydid

Green katydid on a white wall

Nephila orb spider in Panama

Orange, brown, and gray spider

Brown insect

Brown insect (zoomed)

White fly


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