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Latern bug (Fulgora lampestris) [sabah_kinabatangan_0385]

Latern bug (Fulgora lampestris) [sabah_kinabatangan_0385]
Latern bug (Fulgora lampestris) [sabah_kinabatangan_0385]

Image code: sabah_kinabatangan_0385
Photographer: Rhett Butler
Photographed In: Kinabatangan, Sabah Malaysia
Camera: Canon

Date Uploaded: 9/24/14 | Last Update: Dec 28, 2014

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Tags: wildlife | invertebrates | arthropods | insects | bugs | latern bug | kinabatangan | borneo | sabah


This picture, titled "Latern bug (Fulgora lampestris) [sabah_kinabatangan_0385]", was taken in Malaysia by Rhett A. Butler.


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