pictures: scenery in Madagascar

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Below you will find a collection of photos from Madagascar. Pictures were taken by Rhett A. Butler in 2009. While these images are the property of, it may be permissible to use them for non-commercial purposes (like powerpoint presentations and school projects), provided that the images are not altered in any form. Please read this for more details. If you are interested in using an image in a publication please contact me.

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Bird nest

Zebu cattle blocking the road

Aerial view of deforestation in Madagasar

Tsingy near Lac Vert

church (Tana)

Vezo fishing canoes

Sunset at Manambolo River (Manambolo)

Village near Anivorano-Nord

Palms along a canal near Maroantsetra

Isalo (Isalo)

Agricultural landscape of Madagascar's Central Highlands

Bricks drying in a village in the Antanifotsy Valley

Aerial view of rice paddies, forest degradation, and erosion in southern Madagascar

Aerial view of ship wrecked on the beach in Ft. Dauphin

Coastline of southern Madagascar (Ft. Dauphin)

Aerial view of deforestation and erosion in southern Madagascar (Isalo)

Isalo (Isalo)

Rainforest road in Mantandia

Rice fields of Tana

Fire in Madagascar

Villages and rice fields along RN7

Bay of Antongil beach at dawn

tsingy canyon (Tsingy de Bemaraha)

Queen's Rova in Antananarivo

Brick-making near Tulear

Approaching storm at sunset in Isalo National Park (Isalo)

Graphite mine near Mantandia

Aerial view of deforestation in Madagasar

Route Nationale 2 (RN2)

Andringitra vegetation

Bismarck Palms (Bismarckia nobilis) and savanna near Isalo

Bay on Antongil at dawn

Shadow of the Isalo Massif seen in the distance

Grasslands in Madagascar (Isalo)

Cassava planted in a forest clearing in Madagascar

Sunset at Bekopaka (Tsingy de Bemaraha)

Beach activities near Maroantsetra

Canyon des makis

Dry forest of Ankarana

Bismarck Palms (Bismarckia nobilis) and savanna near Isalo

Limestone tsingy

Fire-resistant Bismarck Palms (Bismarckia nobilis) near Isalo

Rice fields in the Antanifotsy Valley

Coastal Madagsacar (Ft. Dauphin)

Oly canyon palms (Manambolo)

Camping in Andringitra

Forest or brush fire in Madagascar

Burning the grasslands in Madagascar