pictures: isalo in Madagascar

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Below you will find a collection of photos from Madagascar. Pictures were taken by Rhett A. Butler in 2009. While these images are the property of, it may be permissible to use them for non-commercial purposes (like powerpoint presentations and school projects), provided that the images are not altered in any form. Please read this for more details. If you are interested in using an image in a publication please contact me.

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Canyon des makis

Furcifer oustaleti chameleon (juvenile-bright green)

Pied crow at sunrise (Isalo)

isalo-dayhike (Isalo)

Ilakaka; saphire boomtown (Isalo)

Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta)

Canyon des Singes in Isalo NP (Isalo)

Verreaux's sifaka in Isalo

Malagasy savanna (Isalo)

Breaking surf off southern Madagascar (Ft. Dauphin)

Distant rain at sunset in Isalo National Park (Isalo)

Ring-tail lemur (Lemur catta)

Isalo (Isalo)

Madagascar giant chameleon (Furcifer oustaleti)

Pied crow flying above Isalo (Isalo)

Ring-tailed lemurs in Isalo (Isalo)

Isalo mountains (Isalo)

Green-blue swallow-tail butterfly

Malagasy women working in rice fields near Isalo

Zebu cart on road from Isalo (Isalo)

Small village in Isalo National Park (Isalo)

Sunset in Isalo National Park (Isalo)

Isalo massif

Plant in Isalo (Isalo)

Mascarene Grass Frog (Ptychadena mascareniensis)

Furcifer oustaleti chameleon (juvenile-bright green)

Oustalet's chameleon in a Plumeria tree

Canyon des Singes in Isalo NP (Isalo)

Rock formations near La FenĂȘtre, Isalo

Isalo National Park peak (Isalo)

Canyon des rats in Isalo NP (Isalo)

Madagascar Wagtail (Motacilla flaviventris)

Fire-resistant Bismarck Palms (Bismarckia nobilis) near Isalo

Isalo Massif at sunset

Ring-tail lemur (Lemur catta)

Distant rain at sunset in Isalo National Park (Isalo)

Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta)

Approaching storm at sunset in Isalo (Isalo)

Shantytowns on road to Isalo (Isalo)

Turtle rock in Isalo (Isalo)

Isalo NP mountains (Isalo)

Pied crow flying at sunset above Isalo (Isalo)

Isalo NP mountains (Isalo)

Canyon des Singes in Isalo NP (Isalo)

Little girl with face mask near Isalo

Madagascar Kestrel in flight above Isalo (Isalo)

Aerial view of deforestation and erosion in southern Madagascar (Isalo)

Ragged-looking butterfly

Date published: 2008-Jun-25 | Last updated: 2014-Feb-22

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