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Pictures of wildlife [updated 2010-12-32]

These photos were taken by Dmitry Telnov [anthicus (at) gmail . com]

Dmitry's gallery

A crab observed in deep karst cave, Southern Seram

Candoia sp., Saparua

Cuora amboinensis is very common over the Moluccas

Colony of weavers on a huge tree, Saparua

Tmesisternus trivittatus longicorn beetles mating, Misool, Raja Ampat

The Northern Common Cuscus, Phalamger orientalis, Misool, Raja Ampat

Stick insect, Misool, Raja Ampat

Trochomorpha sp., Seram

Grasshopper, Misool, Raja Ampat

Bronchocela cristella, Northern Seram

Macrohylidae gen. sp., Misool, Raja Ampat

Hylidae gen. sp., Misool, Raja Ampat

Large nocturnal spider, Misool, Raja Ampat

Rhinocricidae gen. sp. myriapods, Misool, Raja Ampat

Praying mantis, Misool, Raja Ampat

Tiliqua gigas ssp., Misool, Raja Ampat

Spiny grasshopper, Misool, Raja Ampat

Nocturnal gecko, Misool, Raja Ampat

Atopos sp., the only slug species in Raja Ampat

Lichen-mymic tree spider, Misool, Raja Ampat

Eupholus schoenherri ssp., Misool, Raja Ampat

Palm cockatoo, Probosciger aterrimus, is not uncommon on Misool, Raja Ampat

Colorful tiger beetle gen. sp., Misool, Raja Ampat

Boa, West Papua

Acanthiulus sp. spiny millipede, West Papua

Procordulia leopoldi, West Papua

Tribolonotus sp., West Papua

Tribolonotus sp. portrait, West Papua

Tree gecko, West Papua

Papuan hornbill Rhyticeros plicatus, West Papua

Emerald Tree skink Lamprolepis smaragdina, West Papua

Large caterpillar, West Papua

Land snails in moist lowland rainforest, West Papua

Spiny stick insect, West Papua

Batocera wallacei longicorn beetle, West Papua

Tiny and colorful cicada, West Papua

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