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Pictures of arthropods [updated 2010-12-32]

These photos were taken by Dmitry Telnov [anthicus (at) gmail . com]

Dmitry's gallery

Large colorful caterpillar, Halmahera

Large spider, Halmahera

Liocheles australasiae scorpion inside rotten wood, Halmahera

Termite nest on tree, Halmahera

Larval holes by longicorn beetle Batocera aeneonigra, Halmahera

Coptengis sheppardi fungus beetle, Halmahera

Thousands of crab nymphs on moist riverside stone, Halmahera

Large freshwater crab from karst cave in Central Halmahera

Colorful tiny crab, Halmahera

Beautiful spiny spider, Halmahera

Stick insect, Halmahera

Grasshopper, Halmahera

Tiger beetle, Halmahera

Salpidobolus sp. from Halmahera

Huge Macrobrachium lar specimen from montane river, Halmahera

Freshwater crab, Halmahera

Danaidae gen. sp. butterfly, Halmahera

Indonesian common 'Banana spider', Halmahera

Nest of leaf-cutting ants, Halmahera

Male specimen of Oryctes gnu, Halmahera

Passalidae gen. sp., Seram

Papilionidae gen. sp., Seram

Colorful caterpillar, Seram

Praying mantis, Misool, Raja Ampat

Large lady bug, Seram

A crab observed in deep karst cave, Southern Seram

Tmesisternus trivittatus longicorn beetles mating, Misool, Raja Ampat

Stick insect, Misool, Raja Ampat

Grasshopper, Misool, Raja Ampat

Large nocturnal spider, Misool, Raja Ampat

Rhinocricidae gen. sp. myriapods, Misool, Raja Ampat

Praying mantis, Misool, Raja Ampat

Spiny grasshopper, Misool, Raja Ampat

Lichen-mymic tree spider, Misool, Raja Ampat

Eupholus schoenherri ssp., Misool, Raja Ampat

Colorful tiger beetle gen. sp., Misool, Raja Ampat

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