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Frogs, Madagascar 1997

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Learn more about Madagascar: Environmental profile, Lemurs, Lac Alaotra

Ringtail Lemurs (Berenty - Southern Madagascar)

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Madagascar, due to its isolation from the rest of the world, has tremendous biodiversity and high rates of endemic species: of over 200,000 known species found on Madagascar, about 150,000 exist nowhere else. Unique to the island are 32 species of lemurs [pictures] (there were once 48), 168 out of 170 species of frogs [pictures], and 33 species of tenrec, miniature hedgehog-like animals. However, it is one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet. More than 80% of the forests are gone, half of them since the late 1950's, along with numerous unique species. The forests are disappearing primarily as a result of slash-and-burn agriculture ("tavy") for rice and cattle which form the backbone of the Malagasy economy. Each year, 772 square miles (2000 sq. km) are lost, a staggering amount considering the remaining forests (rainforest loss is estimated at 1.5% per year). The agricultural livelihood of the impoverished Malagasy people is further endangered by massive soil erosion which exceeds 400 tons of topsoil per hectare in some areas. continued

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