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Yunnan pictures

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Yunnan, the southwestern-most province of China, has the highest biodiversity in the country. Yunnan is drained by six major river systems -- including the Yangtze, Pearl, Mekong, Red (Yuan), Salween, and Irrawaddy -- and ranges in elevation from 76 m (250 feet) to the 6,740-meter (21,905-foot) high Kawagebo Peak. Yunnan is also home to 25 of China's ethnic minorities.

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15 Photos

Tibetan woman with a pink headscarf

Man in a rice field

The muddy upper Yangtze in northwestern Yunnan as seen from above

Tibetan woman in the Deqin market

Red grassland

Flooded grassland in Yunnan

Terraced rice fields in NW Yunnan

Deep brick red color of the upper Mekong. This section will be flooded by a dam

Mekong in the mountains of southeastern Tibet / northwestern Yunnan

Rice fields in a valley in Tibetan Yunnan

Giant prayer wheel in Zhongdian

Terraced rice paddies in Yunnan

Tibetan cowboy

Vegetables at the market in Deqin

Tibetan woman leading a cow across a pasture

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