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The page contains photos from several trips to Panama, including a 2004 surf trip in Chiriqui and subsequent visits to facilities operated by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), one the world's leading tropical science organizations, in 2006 and 2011.

STRI has several facilities across Panama including their main campus in Panama City, NAOS at Punta Culebra, Canopy Access Systems in Panama City's Metropolitan Nature Park and the San Lorenzo Protected Area on the Caribbean coast, Barro Colorado Island in the Panama Canal, Gamboa on the Panama Canal, Galeta Point Marine Laboratory outside of the city of Colon, the Bocas del Toro Research Station near the border of Costa Rica, Fortuna Forest Reserve in Panama's western highlands, and Coiba Island in the Pacific.


Highlights 2004-2007

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Canopy Crane




Panama Canal Zone


Pictures from Chiriqui, Panama

In 2004 I visited Honduras and Panama. In Panama I spent time in at Morro Negrito, a world-renowned surfspot located about 5 miles off the coast of Panama in the Pacific Ocean.

Morro Negrito

Panama Sunsets

Panama Rainforest report from the late 1990s
Library of Congress: Panama
Bioprospecting in Panama
Environmental news: Panama

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Panama [Wikitravel]:

Panama is a country in Central America with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, with Colombia to the southeast and Costa Rica to the northwest.

Panama is strategically location on the eastern end of isthmus that forms the land bridge connecting North and South America. It controls the Panama Canal that links North Atlantic Ocean via Caribbean Sea with North Pacific Ocean.

Chiriquí Province lies in the southwestern part of Panamá with its capital in David. Chiricanos are like the Texans of Panamá, and are loud, outgoing, and very proud of their province. However, they really seem to have something to be proud of. Chiriquí arguably has the friendliest people and the best landscape in Panamá.

The jagged, lush green mountains of Chiriquí rise to the top of Volcán Barú, Panamá's only volcano. The volcano lies in a national park, and the summit can be reached by hiking along a very rugged road. Supposedly both the Caribbean and Pacific are visible from the summit of the volcano, but clear days are difficult to come by. Your best chance for clear weather is in the middle of the Central American summer, January or February. Boquete and Cerro Punta both make good bases for visiting the park.

Chiriquí has beaches on the Pacific Ocean
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  • Birdwatching

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News on Panama

Panama News | Mongabay Environmental News

Panama News

There may be more pygmy sloths than believed, according to a new paper in the Journal of Mammalogy. Scientists originally estimated a population of less than 500 pygmy sloths on Escudo de Veraguas Island off the ...

Conservation efforts in Borneo's embattled rainforest may get a boost with the launch of the newest version of an advanced airplane-based ...

Biomuseo, designed by internationally renowned architect, Frank Gehry, is the first museum in the world dedicated to biodiversity. Opened in October ...

Loss of tropical forests accelerated roughly 60 percent during the 2000s, argues a paper published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. ...

By comparing camera trapping findings with genetic samples taken from feces, biologists have determined that the density of ocelots on Barro ...

It was a surprising discovery in an unlikely location. In a leaf litter nearly four inches deep under a dense canopy ...

Leaves are vital trees organs that support many important functions. A recent study published in PNAS found that each tree species ...

In 1925, Nele Kantule led a revolution that would make Guna Yala an independent and sovereign indigenous territory within Panama. Since ...

In this multimedia piece by SRI fellow Bear Guerra, we follow Andrés de León and the Yarsuisuit collective, a group of ...

The island-dwelling Guna people of Panama are one of the most sovereign indigenous communities in the world, but now severe weather ...

Jesús Smith is sitting at his old wooden desk facing the entrance to his house. He's hunched over, shirtless, and wearing ...

There isn’t a word or phrase in the Kuna language for "carbon trading,” and much less for something as complex as ...

A worrying trend has emerged in tropical forests: lianas, woody long-stemmed vines, are increasingly displacing trees, thereby reducing forests’ overall ability ...

With the cooperation of hundreds of ranchers and researchers, Azuero Earth Project aims to replant a swath of tropical dry forest, ...

Forest disturbance in Malaysia, Bolivia, Panama, and Ecuador surged during the first quarter of 2014, according to NASA data., the non-profit arm of environmental science web site, has selected winners of three environmental reporting prizes under its Special ...

A new short film, entitled La Trocha, highlights the plight of the Wounaan people in Panama, who are fighting for legal ...

Carbon counters trying to keep tabs on the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere may have missed an important ...

Secondary forests, which are areas that were previously cleared of old-growth cover, now comprise the majority of the forested areas in ...

In a study recently published in the online Animal Behavior journal, scientists from the US and the Netherlands have examined the ...
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