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Photos by Jeremy Hance and Tiffany Roufs

Jeremy is a writer for His wife Tiffany is an amateur photographer.

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    Recent stories by Jeremy

    Mongabay Environmental News

    Environmental Headlines

    Mongabay, founded in 1999, seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife, aims to be your best source of tropical rainforest conservation and environmental science news.
    African elephant in Kruger South Africa. Photo by Rhett Butler.

    Today the California Senate approved legislation that would ban the ivory and rhinoceros horn across the state.

    This month, Ash Dykes is setting off on a 1,800-mile trek along the length of Madagascar to attract conservation attention to ...

    Two men tell of being trafficked onto boats and held as slaves at sea.

    Global forest loss amounted to 18.7 million hectares (46 million acres) in 2014, a decline of about 9 percent relative to ...
    Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Photo by Rhett A Butler

    Confirming what civil society groups have been saying for months, new data from the Brazilian government suggests a steep increase in ...
    Male of the recently rediscovered Azuay Stubfoot-Toad (Atelopus bomolochos) foraging on moss.

    The Azuay Stubfoot-Toad hadn't been seen since 2002 and was presumed by some researchers to be extinct in the wild due ...

    The pace of rhino killing in South Africa is running well ahead of last year's record, report authorities. On Sunday Environmental ...
    The canopy of oil palm trees on a plantation in Aceh, Indonesia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

    Officials are selling nascent CPO Fund on sustainability grounds, but experts fear it will do more harm than good.

    Malaysia is set to become the first country in the world to prioritize orangutans over logging and palm oil.

    Malaysian police requested INTERPOL to place Clare Rewcastle-Brown on its international "Red Notice" after she reported on corruption allegedly involving Malaysia's ...
    Photo by Neahga Leonard and courtesy of the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Network.

    Less than 70 of these small primates remain, eluding poachers and challenging researchers to ascend into the craggy heights where the ...

    PhD student Lydia Tiller studies the complex human-elephant conflict problem resulting from agricultural expansion and forest loss in this region of ...
    Lowland rainforest in Riau, Sumatra. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

    Tropical forests face a dire future unless humans adopt a radically different approach to protecting and managing them.
    Pteronura brasiliensis. Photo by David.Monniaux licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2

    Dams planned for the Amazon and its tributaries could do irreversible harm to fish migrations and to wildlife — but energy ...

    Conservationists and industry stakeholders suggest long and short-term solutions to increase India's uptake of sustainable palm oil.

    Residents of Deaga on the island of Sulawesi hope sea creatures will flourish in the new conservation zone.
    Amazon River aerial photo on the Peru-Colombia frontier, clearly showing the stream’s heavy load of “brown-river” sediment. Photo courtesy of NASA

    Scientists say the dams will block long-established annual sediment and nutrient flows, the loss of which could devastate Amazonian aquatic, rainforest ...

    The camera mounts that create a composite gigapixel image that allow remote study of a system from various scales

    Domus Longus will be installed in the waters off Sulawesi to commemorate Coral Day there.

    A vacation visit to the island of Nosy Hara off the coast of Madagascar resulted in the accidental discovery of a ...
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