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Bayon/Angkor Thom

Angkor Wat

Jungle Wat (Ta Prohm)

S-21 Prison

Phnom Pehn


S-21 | Phnom Penh | Angkor Wat | Bayon/Angkor Thom | Jungle Wat (Angkor Prohm) | Misc
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Following a five-year struggle, Communist Khmer Rouge forces captured Phnom Penh in 1975 and ordered the evacuation of all cities and towns; over 1 million displaced people died from execution or enforced hardships. A 1978 Vietnamese invasion drove the Khmer Rouge into the countryside and touched off almost 20 years of fighting. UN-sponsored elections in 1993 helped restore some semblance of normalcy as did the rapid diminishment of the Khmer Rouge in the mid-1990s. A coalition government, formed after national elections in 1998, brought renewed political stability and the surrender of remaining Khmer Rouge forces in 1998. [CIA World Factbook]

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